TEDxKULeuven is looking for you! Currently we are a team of mostly students who volunteer in their free time to work together on organising one big TEDx event! Every year we collaborate with KU Leuven to bring one well rounded event to Leuven.

This event wouldn't be possible without our volunteers. So we are looking for YOU! We need volunteers for on the day of the event (29th of April 2023). For people behind the bar, to scan the access passes, clean up and set-up of the event. Without these people our event wouldn't have been the succes it has been the past years.

Beside this, we are looking to strengthen our team! We have openings in different fields: finance & sales, marketing/communications, operations, partnerships, logistics, secretary and team member! 

Currently we are mostly looking for people in operations and partnership, but you can apply for any role!

Here is an overview of the roles:


Are you disciplined in your work, confident with your communication skills and curious to learn all behind-the-scenes organisation details? Leading the operations team, being responsible for the venue and the material, providing stands and workshops all they need will be among your main tasks. You will constantly be in contact with the KU Leuven team, Gasthuisberg team, sponsors’ & booths’ logistical units, and the production company! While everyone is welcome with necessary abilities, Dutch-speaking candidates might be preferred according to the CVs.


Are you willing to be part of the team but prefer staying online and working remotely? Are you the one who checks their e-mails everyday? Awesome! Handling the official mail addresses such as info@tedxkuleuven or appications@tedxkuleuven, contacting the official KU Leuven (marketing & culture) staff, interacting with sponsors’ communication teams, you will e-meet lots of people!

Finance and Sales

Interested in accountancy, finance, or simply in Excel? Keeping the accountancy up to date, making a sum up of the situation, and handling the online sales and the online ticketing platform Eventbrite will provide you with a good experience in organising a huge event like TEDxKULeuven. Besides, you will be required to do the necessary transactions or control the reimbursements with our bank. You will be able to do many of those remotely via phone applications.


If you are interested in working hard on the day of the event in order to arrange all necessary materials, their check-ins and check-outs, but also plan these beforehand together with logistical departments of our sponsors, partners, and workshops, then you are in the right place! This is such an active position where you will get to know many people and provide the most essential tools for TEDxKULeuven. Of course, you will also be responsible for the food and the bar which is the fun part!


Would you like to be in contact with our long-term supporters like imec, ABInBev, Schelstraete Delacourt Associates, and ING? Would you also like to enlarge our portfolio and reach out to new sponsors, partners, and booths? Together with a team that can help you on every step of the way, you will get to meet many people by attending cocktails and meetings and will be the contact person for all the brands that you bring in. This does not only provide you with an immense network but also communication and marketing skills that are trained on spot. You will plan the necessary details for the day of the event with all of our partners and enjoy some drinks with them! 


Marketing is a huge pillar of TEDxKULeuven! Thus, we are looking for 2 brilliant minds to bring new ideas to the team for the sake of marketing in a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and fun way! If you are interested in posting on our social media account regularly with creating necessary themes and texts, taking photos of all the team meetings, and running online paid campaigns on social media channels, then we want you! TEDxKULeuven is growing rapidly and it is important for us to create an audience interested in our content: ideas worth spreading! But if you are interested in marketing in a more physical way, then our second position offers you a great experience of getting to know people and arranging on-campus marketing campaigns. These include posters, flyers, roll-up banners and on-spot ticket-selling.

Graphic Designer

TEDx is a brand which comes with its own reputation and branding regulations. Designing digital and hardcopy banners is thus essential for TEDxKULeuven. If you would like to be the designer of the posters going all around the city that seen by thousands of people, then we are looking for someone like you! You will be responsible for designing posters, banners, booklets, name cards, and more. You will have enough time to plan everything beforehand.

Legal & Chief happiness officer

The first condition of this position is to be someone….fun! While getting ready for the event, we will need to plan many details, including the ones that are not so entertaining. So, you will be our planner when we need to party and have fun as a team! This starts from planning the first meeting in-person (with food, drinks, and some games!) and goes until the traditional after-party BBQ of TEDxKULeuven! If you have also studied/studying law then you will give a proofread to the contracts and go over TED rules to make sure everything is planned according to the official licence regulations.


You were always interested in seeing the production and behind-the-scenes talks? Then, this is your position! With handling all important details about production, organising dry-runs at the venue with the production company, and being responsible for production on the day of the event, you are the brain of all the TEDxKULeuven videos put on YouTube (Yes, your audience is 33 million!)

Web designer

Our website needs constant renovation and there is always another text that needs to be on the website. You will not only design the website according to your taste but also keep it up to date for people to follow the latest developments. You can choose the styling, photos, and many more things! Of course, you will be given the credit by writing your name on the website as the designer.

Team Members

Everything that must be done when the core team needs help, from offline marketing, brainstorming, support during dry run & the event day to organising the volunteers: you are the right-hand person of our team. When it comes to having fun, you should also always be there to enjoy with us!

🫵 Volunteering for TEDx has some really great benefits for you. You grow personally, you have the opportunity to work with a diverse and international team and you are responsible for your part of the event. You will be guided, but the end product is completely yours! You will learn leadership skills, improve your English and be a part of a well-known organisation.

🗓️ Volunteering is completely up to you and according to your free time. We only ask that you can consistently make time free to work on TEDx and that you can volunteer until the event. After the event you are free to decide if you want to continue to volunteer for TEDx or if you want to pursue other activities.

❗️Disclaimer: The role descriptions can change at any point in time.

Ready to be a part of the team?