KU Leuven

KU Leuven is one of the world’s great universities, home to researchers at the forefront of their fields who have made us Reuters’ highest-ranked European university for innovation. KU Leuven is also the oldest Catholic university in the world, home to a 600-year-old tradition of academic excellence and ethical integrity that serves as the backbone for everything we do.

Leuven itself is a destination for the larger knowledge economy. Imec, VIB and MindGate all have their headquarters in Leuven, alongside tech industries, significant investment capital, highly educated employees, technology platforms, research parks and research networks. KU Leuven’s University Hospital is one of the top European centres for both medical research and practical medicine, including specialised centres for oncology and virus research. The University Libraries are unique in their size and holdings, offering students access some of the oldest printed books as well as millions of modern volumes and research tools.

As a comprehensive university, KU Leuven offers a wide selection of academic programmes, all of which are within the top 100 of the world rankings for their respective fields, half of which are in the top 50. More than 140 different nationalities are represented amongst our 10,000+ international students, with more than 20 international student organisations on campus and a dedicated international student centre, Pangea.

Studying in Belgium offers easy access to the best of European culture, with Paris, London and Cologne all pleasantly accessible by a two-hour train ride. Leuven is only a stone’s throw from the Brussels, the capital of Europe and home to governmental and industry leaders and mentors. As a university town, Leuven is the perfect backdrop for your student experience, offering a charming, walkable city with a vibrant student atmosphere, arts, culture and nightlife. 

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